Instructional Innovation Grants

Instructional Innovation Grants

The Avondale Elementary School PTA will be receiving donations that we plan to use to fund grants that will help teachers to provide innovative instruction in their classroom.

Up to ten $500 grants will be awarded to teachers at Avondale Elementary School whose vision and plan for instructional innovation is creative, replicable, and evidence-based.  The goal is to provide teachers with more than supplies; we want to resource teachers with what they need to help students at Avondale Elementary thrive in their future education.

Teachers who would like to apply for a grant should complete grant application (Download here) and attach a supplemental statement describing their proposal for innovation in your classroom.

The PTA is not necessarily looking for original ideas, but rather for innovations that bring the best methods and strategies to bear on the instructional needs at Avondale Elementary.  If ideas are needed, please visit

Application Deadline:

November 30, 2012.
Return to PTA box in school office.

Award Decisions

Grants will be awarded in January 2013.  The PTA will assemble a team of 3-4 community partners with diverse backgrounds who will review applications and make grant award recommendations.  Final award decisions will be made with consideration of available funds and the request’s consistency with Avondale Elementary’s mission.

Funding the Grants

Grants will be funded through donations to the PTA’s Instructional Innovation Grant fund.  Donations will be received from individuals, businesses, and other organizations that want to support innovation in education.

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