Board Meeting – 9/23/13

Avondale PTA Board Meeting Minutes

9/23/13, 4 pm

Avondale School Library


Attending: Peggy Biga, Meg Bruck-Krawitz, Brandon Harris, Valencia King, Elizabeth Hughey

Not present: Deidre Williams

Meg to speak to Avondale staff Monday 9/30/13 at 3:30. Peg will join to talk about minutes and where they will be located. Liz will join to speak about Reflections.

Board voted on the design for door hangers for teachers who join PTA. Valencia will get an estimate for the board to approve, then the hangers will be printed. The board feels that also offering an edible delight for the teachers. Quiche (mini) will be given to teachers for joining. For teachers joining…Deadline will be Thursday 10/3/13, the goodies will be handed out Friday 10/4/13.

The board discussed the following items realted to the next PTA meeting to be held: 10/1/13 starts at 8:15 am

–       PTA meeting, to introduce what a PTA is.

–       Speakers to include students, teachers, parents, staff, principal (2-5 minutes each)

–       Announcement will be sent out 9/24/13

–       Board approved $25 for light refreshments for the meeting.

Several members noted printing issues at Avondale School, we need to figure out.

The board discussed the following about the cookout-

PTA cookout: 10/14/13 5-6:30 pm

–       Bouncy house detail- 1) getting bouncy house on schedule (Alison Jenkins), 2) ‘security’ for bouncy at the actual cookout = Chris Biga

–       Face painter detail- 1) Laura Kate has name of painter, Liz will follow up with LK to get quote, 2) ask Bethanne if she or Esme could paint faces

–       Cornhole game, soccer balls, set up, ask Coach

–       Food- already have plates, napkins, drinks

  • Need cups, hot dogs, buns, freezy pops (need someone to get hot dogs and buns)


Liz asked about room parents- is there a need to coordinate something with room parents? Do teachers want a room parent? Is the volunteer list enough?

Brandon informed the board that our current cash on hand is $4,732.57.


-Ms. Mackin is working on holiday card project

-$17 for year for domain name, Brandon asked for approval to pay and be reimbursed. Board approved this request.

Meg put in field trip request form for K to see Alys Stevens center to district, ArtPlay will subsidize for one bus. Meg will put in another request for 3-4 grades, with similar subsidies for buses.

Santa’s workshop was been approved for (dates can’t remember, check facebook).

Valencia reported that we are at about 28 PTA members, not counting the ones who signed up via webpage.

Biga will post minutes on Avondale pta page and goolge docs.

Meeting adjourned at 5:07




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